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Here at Sirius Scholar, we are dedicated to giving your children an education experience like no other. Located in Subang Jaya, we are a private tutoring centre with a history since 2009, having taught more than thousands of bright students.

We take the ACE approach to education by including lots of creativity and innovation in our teaching methodology to ensure that our students are always receiving the best education possible. Our classes are designed to tap into students’ innate desire to learn and facilitate an engaging and intelligent process of learning within an enriching community.

Reverse engineering

As experts in 21st Century Skills, we aim to equip students with the right skill sets to prepare them for the future ahead.

Progress not perfection

Any progress is progress worth celebrating, we encourage our students to always try and strive for improvement.

Keeping it relevant

Our curriculum also includes classes such as Hip-Hop, Vocal Training, Drama, and Art & Design as we believe our students will benefit greatly from a balanced education.

Teaching style

We start our students with a big picture, assimilating our lessons with everyday life so that students can understand the reasoning and relevance better.

Our Approach

The ACE EdVenture Approach used at Sirius Scholar has been pushing the boundaries of education for the past 22 years, impacted the lives of 15,000 students to date, and is still going strong. Conceived and developed by our founders, Anne and Melinda, it stemmed from a simple observation: 12 years in the conventional education system, yet students were unprepared for university and the workplace [it’s still happening].

So we did something about it.

Creativity and innovation are the names of our game, and we continuously innovate our methodology so that our students are always getting the best education possible.

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What age group does
Sirius Scholar cater to?

Sirius Scholar caters for students aged 12 to 17, or Year 7 to 11 based on academic year.

What are the
school hours?

Schooling hours are 9.15am – 4.45pm on Monday to Friday.

When are the

The school’s holidays are in March, June, August and November/December, in addition are festive holidays such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and Deepavali.

Can students enroll at any time of the year?

Students can join us at any point during the academic year, subjected to the principal’s assessment and approval.

What type of assessment is required for admission and why?

A clear show of previous academic results in addition to being physically and mentally healthy. A simple assessment may be required on a case-to-case basis for us to gauge a student’s proficiency to know how to best support him or her, and whether the environment and demands of the school are a fit for said student. Note that this is different from assessment or entrance assessment that are used to determine students’ academic inclinations and therefore which class they go into. We don’t have that practice here at Sirius Scholar.

Does Sirius Scholar provide transportation services?

Special transport is occasionally provided for students who are participating in sports or going for excursions arranged by the school. As and when these are arranged, parents will be notified for their consent.

Are there bus services for students enrolled in after school activities?

There are currently no bus services available for students enrolled in after-school activities and transportation. Special arrangements are made occasionally depending on the sporting event or excursion arranged by the school. Rest assured that parents will be notified when arrangements are made.

Is there a dress code?

There is no uniform however students are still required to dress appropriately, i.e. no skirt, dress, tank tops, shorts, slippers etc. Students are required to wear sports attire for Sports, Physical Ed, and Hip-Hop.

How many students are there in each class?

There is a maximum of 25 students per class.

What is the best way for a parent to communicate with a teacher or the school?

Parents will be updated on their child’s progress formally twice a year via the mid-year and year-end report cards. Additionally, Parent-Teacher Day is always an opportunity to get feedback from teachers also. Lastly, parents can also make arrangements with subject-specific teachers to call or meet during office hours.

What language classes are offered at the school?

English is the main language of communication while Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia are the two languages currently offered.

Can foreign student enroll to Sirius Scholar?

We only enrol Malaysian students.

What is the IGCSE and will it be accepted in universities other than those in Australia?

The Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) for 14 to 16 year-olds is equivalent to the GCSE in the United Kingdom and one of the most recognised Pre-U accreditations in the world. Please visit the official Cambridge IGCSEwebsite for specific information on recognition and affiliations.

What are the facilities offered in the school?

The school’s facilities include science and computer labs, a multi-purpose hall, cafeteria, and library.

What are the co-curricular activities offered in the school?

While we don’t offer co-curricular activities after school per se to encourage students to have a balance of study and free time, our additional activities that complement our curriculum such as our Skills Enhancement Programmes are conducted within school hours (excluding extra rehearsals and events etc.). This includes a variety of Hip-Hop, Drama, Vocal Training, and Art & Design. Additionally, there are activities that take place outside of school yearly such as Leadership Camp depending on the students’ year level.

What type of food is available at the school cafeteria?

We serve a variety of food ranging from local cuisine, western food, and vegetarian meals. All food served is halal.

What is covered in the school fees?

School fees cover academic fees, facilities, learning materials, and a refundable security deposit.

What is the minimum level of academic qualifications Sirius Scholar teachers have?

All our teachers possess a bachelor’s degree at minimum and among them, master’s degrees as well as PhD’s.

What level of English is required for entry into Sirius Scholar?

Students should be able to speak and write English at the appropriate level corresponding to their academic age.

Who determines my child’s grade level and how is it assessed?

Sirius Scholar Internal Examinations Department determines a student’s overall grades each year from Year 7 to 11 through coursework, tests 1 and 2, and the year-end examination. The IGCSE examination, while it may be facilitated by us, is assessed entirely by Cambridge in the UK.

What if my child’s command of the English language is weak?

While our teachers will determine what needs to be done to help improve a student’s proficiency and recommend accordingly, it is not advisable to enrol a child with exceptionally weak English as there are no ESL (English as a Second Language) versions of the science exams such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics for them to take. You may refer to  What type of assessment is required for admission and why? in this section.

What kind of curriculum do you use at the school?

Cambridge IGCSE.

Does the school provide Learning Support?

We have tutorial hours that are built into the timetable. Students and teachers are able to use this time to clarify, practice, and complete studies learned by subject.

What happens if I decide to defer enrolment until the following year?

Please contact our Student Administration Department for further details

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